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The Escola de Ceràmica de La Bisbal, it was founded in 1.972, when the section of ceramic of the old Escola de Sant Salvador, decided to follow a very different way. From their creation, it has contributed a lot in the rocess and it improves of the ceramic tradition of the whole area; their constant interest to transmit knowledge, to deepen in the techniques and to renovate processes, has helped to that more than 15.000 students of the whole State and of the foreigner they have gone by their classrooms.

In their beginnings, the formation that offered, was limited to: two monográfic courses in summer, and two courses of long duration during the winter. As they were the years happening, and in the face of the growth of the demand of formation of quality, the center was pushed to enlarge its programming, to other techniques of arts and occupations that didn't prepare of alternative until the moment formative. During this whole time, the school has been pioneer in the formation and the introduction of innovative ceramic techniques in our country; as well as the organizer of infinity of seminars and projects related with the ceramic in universities and schools along the whole state. It has also contributed to the growth of this sector, and has given the technical and artistic level to many practitioners of the ceramic world.

After 30 years, the continuous School offering an intensive, basically practical programming that satisfies the necessities of specialized formation, so much in the artistic sector as in the artisan. Also power the technological investigation, and the design in all the creative possibilities that you/they offer the plastic arts.